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The Minister of Development Planning, Honourable Selibe Mochoboroane was impressed by the construction of Marakabei to Monontša road. The project is a 57km road of which 34km has already been constructed.

 The Marakabei to Monontša road project is funded by the Government of Lesotho to the tune of M1,000,000. It started in 2018 and anticipated to end in 2022.

The Honourable Minister was also impressed by that a large magnitude of work was undertaken by Basotho. This gave hope in that the project would be

completed as scheduled and it has ownership for the community as most of them were employed in various areas.

The officials from the Ministry were impressed, and concerned that the financial constraints faced by the Government in general can pose a problem going forward.

They indicated that due to limited financial resources, projects are not allocated amounts required.

They were however hopeful this project may be considered for re-allocation of funds more so because it was doing well. This happens when other capital projects have challenges that load to non-expenditure.

The Assistant Resident Engineer indicated that a total of 205 households were affected by the project and needed to be compensated. Those were however a sizeable number whom they could not get in contact with as they work in South Africa. They were advised to engage services of the chiefs and related structures.

The project has about 280 employees.

An integrated development is essential to accelerate government development projects. The Minister of Development Planning, Honourable Selibe Mochoboroane said this during his site visit at the Ha Rapokolana High Altitude Sports Centre.

Ha Rapokolana High Altitude Sports Centre was initiated to develop a training facility for Lesotho athletes to match with the international counterparts

The Honourable Minister was surprised to discover that the facility which started in 2005 and costed the Government close to M55million was not functioning because electricity and road are major challenges.

Honourable Mochoboroane said unless Government Ministries work jointly not in silos, government development projects will be easily implemented and benefit the nation. Relevant Ministries of Energy, Local Government and Water need to address some of these challenges and ensure that the projects are functioning.

“The project has been stuck for more than 15 years, and is now in a state of repair even before it is operational,” said Honourable Mochoboroane and emphasized the need to involve relevant Ministries and stakeholders to address these issues related to the facility.

Officials for the Ministry also confirmed that the project was meant to train and improve the performance of Lesotho athletes in order to meet the standard of other international athletes.

Ha Rapokolana High Alitude is more elevated compared to the one based in Pretoria High Performance Centre for Olympics and World Cup.

The facility among others include the soccer ground, tennis court as well as the swimming pool.


The construction of 91km road from Mpiti to Sehlaba-Thebe is satisfactory despite some challenges, this was revealed by the Minister of Development Planning, Honourable Selibe Mochoboroane during the project site-visit at Qacha’s Nek.

Honourable Mochoboroane indicated that the project is expected to be completed by 2022 and 19% of the work is done. The project is a loan of M1.3 billion from the Exim Bank of China and Government of Lesotho counterpart support.

 “In addition to COVID-19 lockdown, the project was faced with challenges. These include complaints from sub-contractor pertaining to delayed salaries, whilst on the other hand the main contractor was worried about the slow pace of work undertaken.” Said the Honourable Minister.

Meanwhile, the Honourable Minister highlighted

that the Government of Lesotho needs about M4million to compensate about 45 households whose properties such as houses, fields, pastures etc were affected by the project.

In his observation, one of the officials from the Ministry said the project is delayed by 8 months; however the progress is satisfactory despite some challenges hence a need for relevant Ministries to work together and resolve the challenges.

It was indicated that the project started in January 2019 and anticipated to be completed by 2022, but due to COVID-19 the project might extend.

One of the villagers, Mr Taole Taole from Hill Top, Qacha’s Nek said the construction of the road from Mpiti to Sehlaba-Thebe will reduce the hardships of transportation.

The Government of Lesotho has spent M126 million on Tsikoane Water Supply and Sanitation Project to address water shortage at Tsikoane and nearby villages in the Leribe district. The project which is now complete, began in 2011/12 Financial Year however water accessibility is still the challenge

In his remarks during his site visit in Leribe, the Minister of Development Planning, Honourable Mochoboroane said it is important to make follow-up on projects to monitor progress in order to identify and address challenges that may hinder the implementation of projects.

Also to determine if the community has benefitted from such projects. “The Government invested M126million on this project to address the needs of the community and such initiatives did not respond to the problems facing the nation”, emphasized the Honourable Minister.

Further, he noted that the resources of the Government have been utilised yet do not benefit the country eventually. It was established that the project is not functional because there is a confusion between Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) and Rural and Village Water Supply which are responsible for water related issues. 

The desk officer for Ministry of Water indicated that the water to supply Tsikoane villagers derived from Hlotse River,  is insufficient to supply villagers, this could be because of insufficient studies to determine the demand and supply of water. However, the Government of Lesotho allocates funds for consultancy fees to assist the Ministries to undertake feasibility studies before any development of projects in order to reduce the possibility of failure of the projects.

One of the villagers, Mrs ’Malijeng Tlebere revealed that since 2011, the villagers haven’t accessed water, some draw it from community pumps or buy from other people.

She said the site in which the project is being constructed, belongs to her sister and since its inauguration, they were not compensated.

The project was estimated to supply Tsikoane and nearby villages of Malimatle, Matukeng, Ha Nkakata, Matsoapong, Lenyekoane, Ha Ntholi, Thabalira and Ha Mokokoane respectively.


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The construction of Ha Belo Factory started in 2017  is at 65% advancement, but due to COVID-19, the project might extend by 6 months. This was revealed during the site visit at Ha Belo Factory project in Butha-Buthe.

The estimated cost of this project worth M795million is supported by the Government of Lesotho. It comprises of 16 factories which can accommodate about 400 employees.

During his tour at Ha Belo in Butha-Buthe, the Minister of Development Planning, Honourable Selibe Mochoboroane expressed his gratitude and commended the employees’ commitment in this endeavour. He said Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC) expressed its interest from the

onset of this project.

He said this is one of the biggest projects where the Government has exhausted a lot of money. He appreciated integrated planning with relevant Ministries and stakeholders who led to achieving positive results in the progress and implementation of projects.

The Site Agent, Mr Patrick Zenaeza said the project is at Phase I and has achieved 65% of the work indicating that most of the work has been done. However, he noted that due to bad weather conditions and the spread of COVID-19, the project will extend.

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