Lesotho Demographic Survey (LDS) exercise

Following the 2016 Housing and Population Census, the Ministry of Development Planning through Bureau of Statistics (BOS) undertook Lesotho Demographic Survey (LDS) from 18 May to 18 June, 2021.

The purpose of this survey is to review, facilitate and update periodic planning and evaluation of population activities, provide policy makers and development planners with information on the number of Basotho, young children, adults of working age and old people in order to formulate development plans and make effective administrative decisions as well as to generate data at national level (rural and urban areas).

In preparation for this exercise, the Ministry held a 2 week training workshop enumerators who will be conducting this exercise to equip them with skills   such as how to use tablets to collect data electronically, communicating or interacting with the communities as well as how to introduce themselves so that the community can understand their objectives in order to cooperate and respond accordingly.

“The purpose of this training workshop was to provide the enumerators with skills, expectations as well as code of conduct during the undertaking of this exercise. Further the workshop was meant to ensure that the tools for this survey exercise are in good conditions for effective data collection,” said the supervisor.

Further, the greatest challenge is confidentiality whereby some people are afraid/reluctant to disclose their personal information with fear that it will be shared with other community members. However the enumerators are always provided with skills to reassure the interviewee about the confidentiality of such information,

LDS is undertaken after every five years after Population and Housing census to monitor and inform the Government/nation regarding the status of the data collected during previous Population and Housing Census.

BOS is mandated to carry out surveys and censuses by Statistics Act of 2001.

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