Hon. Mochoboroane Launches Human Development Report

Since 1990, Human Development Reports have highlighted critical dimensions of human progress and sustainable development, said Minister of Development Planning Honourable Selibe Mochoboroane during the launch of Human Development Report 2020.

Hon Mochoboroane noted that the measure for human development, through health, education and standard of living has served as useful resources and shaping development policy including for Lesotho.

β€œIn 2020, the report points us to the inter-relationship between humans and nature and highlights the treachery and impact of human activity. This is the era of the Anthropocene- where humans shape the future of the planet. The report interprets the human development concept to account for the impact of climate change, environmental degradation, and loss of biodiversity experienced today.’’ Said the Hon Minister.

Further, Basotho are a pastoral nation, with large herds of sheep, cattle and so on being the pride of any households, the biggest source of livelihood, 70% of Basotho are dependent on agricultural and nature-based activities, and many rely heavily on biomass for energy.

However, due to declining agricultural productivity as a result of climate change induced droughts, at least 500,000 people have been declared food insecure, on annual basis for more than a decade. The country has recently experienced torrential rains which affected development of infrastructure and challenged sustainability of investment decisions and strategies moving forward.

In an effort to implement these global commitments, Lesotho has mainstreamed environment and, climate change and adaptation in its current National Strategic Development Plan 11.

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