Hon. Minister Mochoboroane visits project areas.

The Minister of Development Planning, Honourable Selibe Mochoboroane undertook site visits to non-performing and ongoing projects in August, 2020. The purpose of the visits was to establish the underlying challenges for their non performance so as to devise means to address them.

He was accompanied by officials from the Departments of Project Cycle Management (PCM) and Aid Coordination as they are responsible for monitoring progress on implementation of capital projects.

Text Box: The Wool and Mohair Breeding Centre Project in Quthing is meant to boost economic and climate resilience of poor, smallholder wool and mohair producers to adverse effects of climate change in the mountain and foothills regions of Lesotho. Building of high breed blood storage home has been significantly the challenge.

Construction of new Mafeteng Correctional Institution Project involves Construction of 450 inmates capa-city, cell blocks separated according to their classifications, admin block, reception block, hospital block, workshops, classrooms as well as staff housing for senior and junior officers.

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