Government develops Lesotho Civil Society Organisations Policy

Policy development for cooperation between the Government of Lesotho (GOL) and Civil Society Organistions (CSOs) is key for monitoring, accountability, and tansparency to achieve common goal on effective service delivery.

This was emphasised by the Minister of Development Planning Honourable Selibe Mochoboroane  during the district Consultations on Lesotho Civil Society Organisations Policy Development held in Thaba Tseka district.

He said the gathering marks the beginning of realisation of Government’s commitment to enhance collaboration between GOL and non-state actors.
“Non-state actors are the strongest arm of the government in the implementation of NSDP as well as SDG agenda programmes,

GOL believes that strong and capable Cross are central to the successful achievement of Lesotho’ s vision and the objectives for economic and social development included In NSDP”. Sressed Hon. Minister.

Furthermore, it is foreseen that SCOs, as partners in the development of Lesotho,  could make a positive contribution to driving community empowerment,  inspiring social development and through playing a bigger part in the design and delivery of Public services, have an important impact on the eradication of poverty.

In conclusion, the Hon Minister urged all to dedicate themselves to ensure that the policy is developed, after which all required institutional  and legal frameworks will be put in place to ensure smooth implementation

CSOs district Consultations started in the central region in Thaba Tseka. The  Consultations were also held in the Northen Region (Leribe), Southern  Region (Mohale’s Hoek) as well as Maseru respectively.

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