Government is fully committed in improving the business environment.

The Government of Lesotho is 100% committed to addressing the challenges identified during this period and to assure investors that the Government will do everything in its power to make things work.

The Minister of Communications, Science and Technology, Hon Thesele ’Maseribane, said this when officially closing the Lesotho Economic Mid-Lab Syndication on behalf of the Right Honourable the Prime Minister, Dr Motsoahae Thabane.

“The Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU Associates) have worked tirelessly to engage the investors, to understand the challenges you face and come up with solutions to mitigate implementation barriers. I understand that during the problem-solving period there are issues that could not be resolved at an instant but that will be carried forward and be part on the detailed implementation plan.

I am very pleased to note that we have surpassed the targets that we have set for ourselves in all four sectors. I hope we will not lose any one investor along the way. This is a tremendous achievement and a sign that we should embrace this initiative and work together earnestly to see the success of it. We cannot afford to fail.” Said Hon. ’Maseribane.

At the same occasion, the Minister of Development Planning, Honourable Tlohelang Aumane noted that the Government of Lesotho is fully committed in improving the business environment.

“I must remind you all that we are at the second week of the Labs, and we will see the list of prioritised projects from the 4 productive sectors (agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and creative industries, and technology and innovation) with an estimated additional 10,264 jobs.” Honourable Minister said.

Honourable Aumane said Lesotho is now embracing the Big Fast Results (BFR), a radical strategic approach to economic transformation. The BFR is widely recognised by various international organisations as a proven global best practice for Economic transformation. This process is a significant leap from the NSDP I, where now we will have a detailed implementation plan and rigid implementation management structure to really achieve the results. This is doing “business unusual”.

He expressed his gratitude to Private Investors who have been here during the whole week for problem solving and clinical sessions and visitors from Malaysia ‘The PEMANDU Consultants’ for their support towards the Economic transformation to our country.

At the same occasion, the Chief Executive Officer of Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU Associates) of Malaysia Dr Idris Jala, said he was very impressed with the work well done since the processes of Big Fast Results Methodology started, he further noted that he had seen many many labs around the world such as in Kenya, Tanzania, Russia, Malaysia, South Africa and India and Lesotho has also done a very good job.

Dr Jala thanked all the Ministers for their full support and said he is confident that if this initiative gets going and implemented there will be a radical and massive opportunity to transform the economy of this country.

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